Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time for the Service Provider track.

I have changed field to the service provider market. Currently I am working at a triple play provider named Altibox. I have to recertify before 15 oct 2010. So why not do the written SP? I got permission from my boss at home to do this(my girlfriend), if I do it in small amounts and most in the working hours. So my plan is to start early at work and use 1 hour of the working hours. I feel I can take 1 hour without bad conscience because most of what I learn is relevant for the service provider business. There is a big difference between enterprise and service provider so I have to learn it anyway(MPLS/VPN etc), why not do the CCIE way?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Got my number CCIE #22350

Been a while since I blogged because I got to busy. I got my number after second attempt 15 october 2008. I was really close on my first attempt but failed in the BGP section. My IGP and switching, multicast, ipv6 where where strong so I was in the high 70 on the first attempt. On the second attempt I just nailed every section. I was only worried that small mistakes and bad interpretation would cause failing the lab. My shoulders went down I saw "PASSED" on my screen. A third attempt would really tax the life of me and my girlfriend.

Before my attempts I did the mocklabs. I scored from 52 to 89 dependent on my form, speed, and minor mistakes that cost lots of points. So even failing those labs I did not in the real attempt.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finnished Mock Lab 2

I finnished mocklab 2 on saturday. I was a little bit sick and the lab started 6 am in the morning and with little sleep I was trying fight through this lab. The proctor graduated it to 58 points. I failed half of the points in switching in non core task. I failed in Frame relay because I missed an easy command no frame inv for interfaces doing static mapping. This failure caused me to miss all the points in multicast and BGP. I fail in things I think I am strong in and score in security, ip services, things I think I am weak in.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Finnished IPv6

Had a week just studing IPv6. Think I have grip on general IPv6, tunneling, redistribution and IPv6 routing now. I have booked mocklab 2 and start 6 AM saturday morning. Will study multicast until then.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Finnished Mock lab 1

I finnished mock lab 1. I got a score of 89. I got reachability after 3 hours and had plenty of time to verify. I missed to verify on ipv6 address of one the interfaces and lost 2 points. I lost another 3 points because wrong routing because of the first mistake, wrong ipv6 address. I missed 2 points of a simple frame-relay task. I missed it because I did a pppoFr solution and the proctor said that was changing the encapsulation of the interface. I don`t aggree because its still encapsulation frame-relay on the main interfaces, I just running ppp over it. Anyway I missed points on something I thought i was strong in and got point where I thought I was weak. The mock lab 1 is overall easy and just a start for measuring me up. I am little bit releaved because I spend a long time each time I do a full day lab and I proved to myselves that I could finnish a full day lab a way under 8 hours.

Finnished lab 11

Well my plan is to go deep into ipv6, reading from doccd, lab on dynamips and go through Netmaster class in ipv6. Next weekend I will to start on lab 1 again to gain speed and precision and recap some of the features that is not core.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Finnished Lab 10

I had a busy week at work, did some uprading of some 6500s connected to HPC and patching. I use to much time to do a whole day lab. Just finnished lab 10 witch the difficulty I find was under IP services. Never configured kron before and had trouble finding the section in the doccd. I booked IE mock lab 1 at 6 am in morning saturday. I did not want to use whole day just on a mock lab. Hopefully I get lab 11 finnished before the mocklab.