Sunday, July 6, 2008

Finnished Mock lab 1

I finnished mock lab 1. I got a score of 89. I got reachability after 3 hours and had plenty of time to verify. I missed to verify on ipv6 address of one the interfaces and lost 2 points. I lost another 3 points because wrong routing because of the first mistake, wrong ipv6 address. I missed 2 points of a simple frame-relay task. I missed it because I did a pppoFr solution and the proctor said that was changing the encapsulation of the interface. I don`t aggree because its still encapsulation frame-relay on the main interfaces, I just running ppp over it. Anyway I missed points on something I thought i was strong in and got point where I thought I was weak. The mock lab 1 is overall easy and just a start for measuring me up. I am little bit releaved because I spend a long time each time I do a full day lab and I proved to myselves that I could finnish a full day lab a way under 8 hours.

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